Categories of 3G antennas and how to select 3G antenna


3G Antennas divided into: 1. omni-directiona 2.directional antenna 3.mechanical antenna 4.electrically tunable antenna 5. The dual-polarized antenna. The following will introduce people who are more concerned about the orientation and omni-directional antennas. Antenna Introduction:
Omnidirectional antenna
Omnidirectional antenna, that is, in the horizontal direction in Fig performance of 360 ° evenly radiation, which is usually referred to non-directional in the vertical direction in Fig performance of a certain width of the beam, the smaller the beam width under normal circumstances, the greater the gain. Omnidirectional antenna in a mobile communication system and general application suburban type large district stations, large coverage area.
Directional antenna
Directional antenna in the horizontal direction in FIG performance for a range of angles of radiation, which is usually referred to directional in the vertical direction in Fig performance of a certain width of the beam, with all the same antenna, the smaller the beam width , the greater the gain. Directional antenna in a mobile communication system generally used in urban residential system station type, small coverage and large subscriber density, high frequency utilization efficiency.
Directed into reflective and directed towards reflective type: common: Shining, Great Wall plates. Such an antenna depends mainly on the reflected signal reaches the oscillator to work.
Lead type: common: 8 Shining stacked wood is both the main oscillator signal source: Ling lead in front, behind the reflecting plate. Mainly by reflection, so the definition of the reflection type. Omnidirectional antenna: a common 9db.8db 7db.6db.5db 2db.
Directional antenna: Shining stack

Select 3G Antennas: the more antennas introduces the main emphasis on the transmitter, receiver and the principle that the individual emission principle is similar. Transmit power to be considered a problem, because if the antenna do not, under the power is too large, the emitted power emitted does not turn easily (simply is standing, leading power back to bite) damage to the machine . Friendly reminder: the use of high-power routing and network cards with friends, in an uncertain homemade antenna technology indicators, try to power down a little, just enough.
Choose the antenna, the key is to look at the environment. If it is 6 or less residential environment, the vision is not open, there was a barrier between 20-50 meters, it is recommended to use an omnidirectional antenna or tablet. Personal recommendation: 9db, 8db, 7db.
If it is high-rise, or cell edge environment (vision, signal in the distance). Recommended Yagi, 14db or more plates. Such an antenna is recommended in the range of 100-800 meters.
Using a distance of 1000 meters, indulgent, like urban and chat with friends, you can choose the grid, David – Star pot.
Select Antenna Material: For dimensioned drawings: Shining example, the reflective plate is increased to increase a little effect, the other would not have to change according to the drawings.

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