Antenna Classification and how to select

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Mobile communications antenna technology developed rapidly, initially China mainly use the ordinary directional and omni-directional mobile antenna, and later the widespread use of mechanical antenna, and now some provinces and cities have begun to use the mobile network antenna and dual polarized mobile antenna. Because the frequency, gain and front-to-back

What is DAB?

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DAB is (DigitalAudioBroadcasting) shorthand, it offers near CD-quality sound, broadcast and business opportunities of additional data service, the listener can more easily listen to completely interference-free broadcast industry to lower launch costs to provide CD-quality programs to audience, will lead the receiver and transmitter industry opportunities, but also to promote

3G-Rubber-Antenna 3G Antennas divided into: 1. omni-directiona 2.directional antenna 3.mechanical antenna 4.electrically tunable antenna 5. The dual-polarized antenna. The following will introduce people who are more concerned about the orientation and omni-directional antennas. Antenna Introduction: Omnidirectional antenna Omnidirectional antenna, that is, in

“This wireless router has five antenna, can solve the problem through the wall of my house three rooms it?” Asked this question often encounter friends, do not know how to answer him. In fact, this problem exists among the vast majority of consumers, we all think to buy more antenna