Be careful of this misunderstanding to buy a wireless router to see the number of antennas

“This wireless router has five antenna, can solve the problem through the wall of my house three rooms it?” Asked this question often encounter friends, do not know how to answer him. In fact, this problem exists among the vast majority of consumers, we all think to buy more antenna wireless router, the wireless signal will be very powerful. This is a big misunderstanding, the number of wireless antennas, wireless signal strength will not have an impact, today we have to reveal the “secret” of the number of wireless antennas and wireless signal strength.
Since when, we automatically put the number of wireless signal strength and wireless antennas linked to together? Open electricity supplier website wireless router sales page, we can find three and three more antennas wireless router, basically occupied the top few hot products. It also reflects the psychology of consumers now buy a wireless router, and “the more the better antenna positive signal.” Solve the problem of wireless signal at home, it is difficult simply by using a multi-antenna wireless router to solve the factors affecting the radio signal strength is multifaceted.
Wireless router there are multiple antennas sense, in fact, because MIMO technology. Whether two antennas products, or products antennas 3 are matched to X * X MIMO mode. Such as the current mainstream 300M wireless router, the pattern must be a 2×2 MIMO, it means that the two antennas is sufficient. If three or more of the three appeared in 2×2 MIMO antenna products, so that manufacturers mislead consumers. And with the popularity of dual-band wireless router, some manufacturers have done for each band independent external antenna, antenna some 4, 6 antenna wireless router is not surprising.

Importantly, the decisive factor is the quality of the wireless router signal transmission power of wireless router. States transmit power of wireless router has a predetermined, generally not exceeding 100mW, which is 20dBm (2.4GHz band). So we can see that, in fact, in accordance with national standards, the signal strength of the transmitting end is fixed. Whether it is a few antennas, it’s not going to change the transmission power, it will not affect the wireless signal coverage. In addition to the wireless router, we should look for the reason from the receiving end, the receiving end of the wireless card if sensitivity is not high, the wireless Internet experience will be poor.

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